Welcome to my new site: We are all emotional beings and we need all our emotions
in order to have a happy, balanced and contented life. This is an insight to my latest book the Penny Model published by Tricorn Books

If you imagine that you were carrying this weight 24/7, what would happen to your body?

My new book The Penny Model explores the human experience through the
core emotions of: Joy, Fear, Sadness, and Anger

We mainly want joy but if our fear, anger or sadness are
too big, too small, or out of shape, we become
unbalanced, start to wobble and lose the joy in our
lives. I will show you how you can experience
your emotions in a healthy way by ‘getting the message’.

You can achieve more joy by responding
to the message and not the symptoms
of an emotion.

You will gain an understanding of how people become too sad, which is where depression and addictions live; too fearful, which is where anxiety, panic attacks and obsessive behaviours live; or too angry, which is where aggression, destruction, self harm, suicide
and eating disorders live.

If we know how undesired emotions/behaviour come about, we have a chance to change them and bring more joy into our lives and the lives of others.

There are NO bad emotions – but in order to stay balanced, we need to Get The Message when it is small and manageable