Let go of your anger when it is small.

Like pulling back a catapult.

If it is pulled back half an inch and let go – there is little energy in it. But if it is pulled back further and further it becomes more potential destructive. If it is at its extreme – fatigue or forgetfulness will release it (usually at the wrong person, time or event).

The Penny Model

My latest book, An explanation of where depression comes from and how to overcome it.

We are all emotional beings and we need all our emotions in order to have a happy, balanced and contented life.

This book explores the human experience through the core emotions of:


We mainly want joy but if our fear, anger or sadness are too big, too small, or out of shape, we become unbalanced, start to wobble and lose the joy in our lives.


I will show you how you can experience
your emotions in a healthy way by
‘getting the message’