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My New book is available now, priced £6.99:  isbn: 978-1-909660-74-8

Buy now at Amazon by clicking here (plus £2.80 p&p UK and Ireland)

UK and Ireland  £ 9.79 inc P&P

Europe              £ 10.70 inc P&P (Please E.Mail me to place an order)

Worldwide        £ 11.60 inc P&P (Please E.Mail me to place an order)

For bulk purchases – Please contact me for an agreed price (Inc P&P)

Some early reviews:

“Excellent. Refreshingly clear with use of visual/objects which made points concrete and experiential”.

“Made complete sense, easy to understand, would like to know more”.

“Attended one of Stefan’s meetings recently and took some notes, however, this book is easier to understand then my notes! It is easy reading and to put into practice. It will be a very useful tool for clients”.

“Very interesting book, weaving a number of useful ideas and concepts, through easy to use and remember metaphor. Definitely worth a read if curious of understanding emotional intelligence, counselling or for use in personal work”.

“Easy to read & understand. Great for older children to read alone or to share with younger children. Would recommend anyone who has suffered with depression, or who knows someone who has suffered with depression, or who wants to work with people who suffer with depression – you get it? Anyone would benefit from reading this book in my opinion”.

“Very accessible written in a language we can all identify with , gives excellent insight and strategies to deal with everyday situations. A brilliant book for everyone”.

“quality book, I actually did counselling with the very writer and he has a lot to offer!”

“This is such an easy read with large print and illustrations that make it very suitable for young people as well as adults.  It can be helpful to everyone even if they don’t have a perceived issue. Well worth the money. Therapists should have a copy as a resource as it encapsulates the theory in an easy to model that can be shared with clients. I have already lent the book out before they buy their own copy”.

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