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With limited spaces – book early to avoid disappointment. CPD Cert Supplied.


Some clients prefer short term work (4-8 sessions)
and others long term (measured in years).

It is important in life to be able to ask for what we want whilst knowing that we may not get it. 
Our ability to ask for what we want and accept that we may not get it is an indication of one’s level of emotional intelligence.

I am available face to face in Fareham: For individual and couples counselling, anger management and counselling supervision. I also offer workshops for counsellors and the general public on such topics as “Emotional Intelligence, Gestalt Therapy, CBT, Anger, Anxiety, and Grief. Please do Email me for details.

Individual and group work/presentations – website

Use the form below to book a workshop or one to one consultation

Also via SKYPE, Viber, Face Time and on the telephone.

Some client feedback:

What I got from counselling . “A new me, A new beginning, A new start”
“It helped me understand so many things that I never really understood before.”

The biggest change was . “Looking within me for the answers. I have always relied on others to tell me what to do. You taught me how to finally trust myself and that is so empowering”

I can recommend this type of work because . “It gets to the core issues”

Over fourteen years experience of helping clients with:

Self Harming & Coping Strategies, OCD
Domestic violence, Eating disorders
Anger Management, Bereavement
Low Self Esteem, Self Hatred
Relationships, Panic Attacks
Redundancy, Depression
Addictions, Road rage
Body work, Coaching
Suicide, Anxiety
Trauma, Stress 

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